Turnkey PET Imaging Supporting Cardiac Health from New York

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Health

Cardiac health drastically improves with expert diagnosis of medical conditions. Mobile PET imaging stations can help physicians throughout the nation diagnose more patients than ever on a tight schedule. Turnkey PET imaging support is available to provide short and long-term imaging technology and staffing. Mobile imaging stations include many optional equipment types and staffing options from trained technicians.

PET imaging has many common diagnostic procedures. Mobile imaging stations can operate from a fully equipped truck in the parking lot or from equipment put in the clinic. These mobile stations include Rb-82 PET MPI exam equipment, which has provided clarity for physicians and patients nationally in their treatment of cardiac conditions. There are also many other exam tools available.

Physicians often have busy clinics and many pieces of furniture, computers, and supplies to manage. They always want to lease the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. Combined with everything else needed to run a practice, the time and cost of supplying their own new or near-new cardiac PET imaging station is often impractical.

However, mobile stations and the staff trained to use the diagnostic tools in it have provided physicians with everything they need to stay on top of their schedule and technology budget throughout the nation. Many physicians find that renting a stocked truck quarterly or yearly is sufficient to keep their patients on top of a healthy diagnostics schedule. Others who have busy seasons with many patients who need imaging find that getting help setting up a mobile station in the clinic is easier than they ever knew it could be. With a custom package from an imaging supplier, physicians can streamline their management schedule and focus on getting their patients necessary, accurate exams.

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