Three Ways to Keep Your Senior Citizen Parents Safer at Home

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Medical Equipment

Some people place their parents in in-home care to receive proper care and to prevent possible accidents. As people grow older, we tend to become slower, clumsier, and prone to accidents, right?

Still, if you want to keep your parents at home, there are ways to keep them safer. If you have handicap parents, you can install a handicap bathroom Los Angeles CA or have ramps around.

Here are other ways to make things easier and safer for your elderly parents.

Take Away Fall Hazards

What are fall hazards aside from stairs and wet floors? You have to think bigger and consider the effect of slippery rugs and the risk associated with piled clutters.

Check your electric cords and cables and make sure that none are lying around or across the floor.

Install Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment such as stairs, lifts, ramps, and handicap bathroom Los Angeles CA can make your elderly parents’ lives easier and safer.

You can even put an automatic door opener to make it easier for your parents to come in and out.

Why focus on having a safe bathroom?

For the elderly, the bathroom can be the riskier place for them to be. One way to keep it safe is by adding grab bars next to the shower and the toilet. You can also add a hygiene support station inside it or a special bathing chair.

Do you need to install mobility equipment at home to keep mom and dad safe from falling and other accidents? Contact Call Before You Fall and save your parents from accident and pain. You can check their products through their website.

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