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Three Things You Should Know About Rule 25 Assessment

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, you may have heard of the rule 25 assessment. Under rule 25 of the Minnesota statutes, a qualified assessor determines whether to recommend an individual for alcohol or drug treatment. Here are three things to know about the rule 25 assessment in MN.

There are Free Options

Are you uninsured and worried that you can’t afford to pay for a rule 25 assessment? Minnesota has established special funds to pay for the assessment and treatment of substance abuse disorders.

You Have the Right to a Second Opinion

What happens if you disagree with the assessor’s opinion? Anyone who receives a rule 25 assessment has the right to get a second opinion from a different assessor. It’s important to know that rule 25 is there to help individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and is not designed to be a punishment.

No Treatment is Mandatory

Many people are scared of getting a rule 25 assessment because they think treatment will be forced on them. However, every individual has the right to accept or refuse any treatments that are suggested during a rule 25 assessment in MN.

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