Three Major Benefits of Hemp Oil

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Health

Cannabis contains over a hundred different cannabinoid compounds that have been documented as providing a variety of health benefits. One compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), also produces a psychoactive effect that can prevent some people from using cannabis for medicinal reasons. Another compound, cannabidiol (CBD), provides health benefits without the psychoactive effect, making it a good alternative. Three major Benefits of Hemp oil containing CBD are its ability to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and control seizures.

Reduce Anxiety

One major benefit of CBD hemp oil for anxiety is its ability to reduce anxiety. Many studies have demonstrated the physiological benefits of CBD hemp oil. There is also some emerging research indicating that CBD hemp oil can be used to treat psychological conditions as well. One of the most common psychological conditions it is used for is anxiety, especially social anxiety. It is thought that it works by binding to certain receptors in the brain.

Relieve Pain

Its ability to relieve pain is another major benefit of CBD hemp oil. In fact, pain relief is one of the most celebrated benefits of CBD hemp oil. From chronic headache sufferers to cancer patients, CBD hemp oil has helped many people manage their pain without the need for dangerous opioid medications. CBD hemp oil has been shown to bind to receptors in the brain and immune system to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Control Seizures

A third major benefit of CBD hemp oil is its ability to control seizures. This is one of the newest confirmed benefits of the compound. Though anecdotal evidence of this benefit has arisen in the past, it has only recently been confirmed in controlled trials. It is believed that the oil works by acting on several targets in the brain, including calcium ion channels and sodium ion channels to prevent the misfiring of brain cells, which leads to seizures.

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