The Complexity of Addiction Treatment SEO

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Addiction Treatment

It can be too simple to think of SEO (search engine optimization) as using the right keywords on your website. Yes, part of SEO is definitely about keywords and the way they show up on your site, but there is so much more to it. If you need addiction treatment SEO, there are further complications created by the need to focus your work on reaching your geographically local audience. After all, not many smaller treatment programs market nationally, but if you do addiction treatment SEO the wrong way, it could be that your nearest patients don’t have a lot of luck easily find you.
Let’s understand just what it might mean to have addiction treatment SEO done for you by experts:

It is localized – This is important because it means that the materials on your site and your other content are focused and emphasize local campaigns that quickly bring together your programming and the folks who can benefit from it the most.

It is targeted – Addiction treatment is never a one size fits all issue, and when you work with experts, they can be sure that your treatment strategies, philosophies, missions, team, experience and other key factors appear as part of the SEO. As an example, if you use a post-treatment 12-step program, you can ensure that someone who wants to enter a 12-step program in your area is going to find you quickly and in the first search engine results.

It is ongoing – Did you know that SEO is never just “once and done”? It has to be sustained by a steady supply of relevant content. That means blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, videos, PPC ads and other materials that people see, share and which give your site authority in Google’s opinion. Can you add another item such as “write new blogs” to your daily and weekly to- do lists?

It needs analysis – Has you tried to use things like Google analytics or your site’s analytics? If so, you may have felt it required a college degree to translate or make sensible. You must use them to see who is visiting, where they come from and what they need. Good SEO providers know just what to do with analytics and how to use to your program’s benefit.

As you can see, it pays to find expert support where addiction treatment SEO is involved. Look at groups that emphasize smaller programs, focused content and flexible solutions.

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