Taking Kids to the Doctor with Less Stress

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Health

Many parents know the tears and fear that come from telling the kids that they are going to the doctor. Upon hearing these announcements, some little ones will not stop crying, and others even try to hide from their parents. While having anxiety about going to the doctor does happen to most people, parents can take steps to make this experience less traumatic for their kids. One idea is to start seeing a Family Physician in Wichita Kansas. A doctor who knows how to attend to the entire family’s needs can make children feel more comfortable. Children can see their parents visiting the doctor first, and they can wait in a family-friendly space. Those who decide to visit website can get a look at the space.

Going to the Family Physician in Wichita Kansas can be less jarring if parents tell their children what to expect. Many kids hate to get shots, so their parents decide not to tell them until they get to the doctor’s office. Once the children learn that they are getting shots that day, they may begin to cry, scream, and move around in ways that are dangerous. If parents tell their kids about the shots a few days before, they may have time to get used to the idea. By the time the shot comes, they may have already gotten their tears out so that they are not posing a greater danger to themselves when they take the shots.

Parents should not have to bribe their children every time they go to the doctor, but a little bit of positive reinforcement can make a major difference. For example, parents may want to promise to take their kids out to lunch if they behave well at the doctor, or they may want to offer an increase in allowance. Eventually, parents will have to stop offering a present every time that the kids go to the doctor, but they can use it as a device at least in the beginning. The hope is that kids will begin to see the visit to the doctor as something that is not entirely negative and adjust their perceptions accordingly.

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