Sober Living in Palm Beach FL offers Community, Structure and Independence

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Addiction Treatment

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy and few people can do it alone. Family support can be a blessing and a curse. In many cases of addiction, family members were the first people to introduce an addict to drugs and some are still using. In other instances, the addict’s family has become so codependent that they aren’t very supportive of recovery. Fortunately, there are places in Florida where someone who is all alone can go while they focus on beating their addiction. Sober Living in Palm Beach FL offers many benefits for addicts in recovery.


Recovery can be lonely, especially when everyone a person knows is still using. Relapse is almost guaranteed when someone returns to the same environment where drugs are a part of life. However, by choosing Sober Living in Palm Beach FL instead, addicts who have recently completed inpatient treatment have a safe place to live where everyone in the house has a similar story.


People in active addiction don’t spend much time focusing on their goals or their future. In a sober living home, the rules are in place to give residents something to look forward to in their futures. Residents work, go to school or volunteer in the community. This helps expose them to different ways of life and help them meet people who don’t use. Those who want to continue living in the home must abstain from drugs and alcohol.


Transitioning into society after a long addiction to drugs or alcohol isn’t always easy. The strict structure of an inpatient facility makes life easy but adults are expected to live independently. The Nextep sober living homes encourage residents to be independent while also enforcing a curfew and requiring frequent drug testing. Residents learn to live on their own and become conditioned to stay away from drugs and late-night activities that could lead to using again.

It isn’t easy to recover from addict but it is possible with the right support. Addicts or their loved ones who are interested in sober living can Click here to learn more about the program and schedule a meeting to find out if it is right for them.

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