Signs Your Dog is Sick in Fort Bend County

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Health

A dog is more than just a friend. A dog is a part of the family. Just like any other part of the family, if they aren’t feeling well, you want to get them care. Here are 4 signs your dog is sick in Fort Bend County.

1. Not eating

A healthy appetite is a sign of a healthy dog. If your dog suddenly stops eating and starts to lose weight, that’s a cause for concern. Try new food before you assume it’s something serious, but you should go to veterinarians in Fort Bend County if the problem persists.

2. Lack of energy

Did your dog suddenly stop running around and playing like they used to? Even dogs can have off days. They also get older. However, if it happens suddenly out of nowhere, they could be sick.

3. Pain

Does your dog cringe when they are forced to move? Do they look like they have a swollen area of your body or area that they are sensitive about? The dog could have an injury.

4. Cognitive problems

Even dogs can get mixed up in the head sometimes. The dog may not walk in a straight line anymore. They may also go in circles. Even worse, the dog may start to shake or seizure.

When you see these problems in your dog, it’s time to call for veterinarians in Fort Bend County. When your dog is happy and healthy, you will also be healthy and happy. The veterinarians at Business Name provide exceptional quality care for pets in Richmond and surrounding communities.

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