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Safety on the Stairs in Your Home Using a Stair Lift From Pittsburgh Companies

If you have trouble getting from one level of your home to another, then consider installing a stair lift. A chair is placed on a device that can safely take you up and down your stairs without you moving your legs. This option can help keep you from falling on the stairs while giving you the independence that you desire while in your own home. Here are a few details to keep in mind when you’re considering mobile stair lifts from Pittsburgh, PA, companies.


If your medical doctor approves the lift as a necessity for your mobility, then your insurance company will likely cover the costs associated with the installation of the device. Some of the details that could impact the overall price of the installation include the stairway length, the type of chair that’s used, and the electrical components that are needed.

Exiting the Lift

When the lift reaches the top of the stairs, you’ll wait for the device to stop moving. Unbuckle the safety strap, and stand up on the landing as you would if you were to climb the stairs. When you go down the stairs, you’ll engage in the same movements but while standing on the floor instead of the upstairs landing.

Power Outages

During a storm or other electrical issues, you might be concerned about your lift working when it’s needed. Most mobile stair lifts from Pittsburgh, PA, companies have a battery backup option that will allow the device to operate as it normally would until the power is back.

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