Non-surgical Options for Facelift Surgery

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Skin Care

Traditional facelift procedures involve surgery to remove sagging and excessive skin, lift and tighten facial tissue, and smooth lines and wrinkles. Many people may desire a facelift but not the surgery required. Fortunately, two Non Surgical Face Lifts are “Liquid Facelift” and “Thread Lift”.

  • Liquid Facelift -; The practitioner skillfully administers injections of FDA-approved dermal fillers in the targeted areas to achieve the desired results. The majority of dermal fillers are compromised of substances such as collagen, that occur naturally in the body. They can be used to provide the lift to the entire face or specific facial areas such as lips, dark circles or bags under the eyes, or jowls lifted.
  • Thread Lift -; Sometimes called a “Feather Lift” is a delicate procedure performed by inserting fine threads or sutures using needles. These extremely thin threads provide support to the skin. Two thread types may be used -; either free floating barbed sutures or suspension threads. The entire procedures takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the thread used and the area worked on, and typically done under a local anesthetic.
  • Barbed Threads -; Barbed threads use a hollow needle to guide the thread into the fat layer beneath the skin along the areas previously marked on the skin by the surgeon. The barbs on the thread catch on the underside of the skin to lift and attach the skin to the appropriate position. The amount of thread used depends on the target area; small areas like brows or jawline might need only two or three threads, whereas the entire face may require 20 threads.
  • Suspension Threads -; These threads use a regular needle, but must be attached to an anchor point, to provide lift to the skin. These anchor points must be stable and vary according to the part of the body worked on. For this reason, knowledge of physical anatomy is a must, and it is vital to anchor to points that will not eventually stretch, defeating the purpose of the Non Surgical Face Lift.

Practically instant results can be realized the first day after using the liquid facelift method. The results last between 18 months to two years, depending on the product used. Using the thread lift method results can last up to five years. Recovery is quick with minimal swelling. For more information visit

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