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Safe and Effective Heart-Health Assessment With Nuclear Stress Test Imaging

Nuclear stress testing, also called myocardial perfusion imaging, is designed to ascertain the advancement of CAD or coronary artery disease. Due to a collection of fatty materials in arteries leading to the heart in this condition, blood flow can become impeded. Pain in the chest, known as angina pectoris, can result when heart muscle consequently receives less than adequate supply during exercise or stress.

How Does a Stress Test Work?

Stress test imaging in a Digirad exam provides a detailed return on heart efficiency during periods of physical stress.

The test has two parts. It begins with a small-dose injection of radioactive material by IV into the bloodstream. Follow-up heart imaging takes place in both a resting condition, before exercise, and while the patient exercises, typically on a walking treadmill or a stationary bike.

The compared imagery, taken by a nuclear camera, assists in identifying heart abnormalities.

The Purpose of a Stress Test

There are multiple reasons to undergo nuclear stress testing with a Digirad exam:

  • Evaluate a heart-medication prescription’s effectiveness
  • Monitor the heart’s blood supply during periods of increased activity
  • Assess the probability of potential coronary heart disease
  • Evaluate an earlier heart procedure’s effectiveness
  • Perceive abnormal heart rhythms
  • Measure a reduction in heart-valve functionality

A Safe and Effective Procedure

A nuclear stress test is a safe and effective method for identifying heart irregularities. Patients can resume normal daily activities afterward if not otherwise instructed. If a Digirad exam does detect concerns or issues, the physician and patient discuss appropriate treatment.

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