Looking for Cost-Effective Medical Supplies in Whitehouse, TX? Be Sure to Partner with Your Local Pharmacy

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Health

According to an extensive national study, the prescription drug landscape has been creating a huge financial strain on Americans during the past few years:

  • In 2016, the cost of prescription drugs increased by more than 10%.
  • In 2017, the price hikes continued with a nationwide surge of 11.6%.
  • A recent Consumer Reports study concluded that one out of every three Americans experienced a “significant rise in their pharmaceutical expenditures over the last 36 months.”
  • As a result of these exorbitant increases, nearly 20% of U.S. citizens do not take their medications as prescribed because of the excessive cost.

So if you happen to be in need of economical medical supplies in Whitehouse, TX, it’s in your best interests to establish a tight-knit relationship with a renowned local pharmacy as opposed to a large-scale conglomerate. This brief article will explain why.

They Provide Top-Notch Prescription Support

When it comes to finding affordable medical supplies in today’s day and age, your neighborhood pharmacy represents your foremost resource for the following aspects:

  • Brand-name pharmaceuticals
  • Generic medications
  • Natural supplements
  • Organic vitamins
  • Personalized prescription drugs

Best of all, their friendly, knowledgeable in-house staff members will be able to answer all of your questions, suggest inexpensive alternatives, and highlight any potential side effects of each medication. They serve your best interests, not the interests of big-pharma companies.

You’ll Gain Immediate Access to a Wide Range of Additional Services

In addition to providing cost-conscious prescription drugs, your local pharmacy can also deliver a vast array of alternative medical supplies:

  • Home care provisions including wheelchairs, nebulizers, ostomy devices, arthritis solutions, compression garments, and first aid equipment
  • Fashionable therapeutic shoes to account for diabetic issues, gait problems, and post-operative necessities
  • Extensive assortment of mobility aids such as hemi walkers, transport chairs, rollators, crutches, braces, and canes
  • Lifestyle requirements including exercise products, dining apparatuses, hygiene provisions, incontinence supplies, bath safety equipment, and even customizable hand rails for domestic properties

If you take a moment to visit us website, you’ll be able to schedule an introductory consultation to ascertain the best course of action to account for your specific needs as well as budgetary restrictions.

With over 40 years’ experience in the local community, their on-site professionals will tailor a personalized solution based on your financial situation, so be sure to book your initial meeting as soon as possible.

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