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Learning About the Various Types of Pain Medication

When you are searching for the best spine pain management in Tampa, using a medication that includes anti-inflammatories as well as analgesics is important. With the reduction of inflammation around the joints, discs and nerves you will notice a rapid improvement in your pain level. The addition to analgesics is directly to help stop the pain receptors from telling your brain something hurts. When you are having problems attending to your daily activities, sitting in school, standing at work, or spending time with your family it’s time to start looking for a treatment program that will work for you.

Common Names for Confusing Medications

As with anything, there are a wide variety of brands on medications which are mostly similar. The active ingredients are similar, but not identical, so while the results are the same the side effects will differ. Anti-inflammatory drugs come in both non-prescription and prescription forms, with ibuprofen being one of the most popular. Common brand names may include Motrin and Advil. Ibuprofen was one of the original anti-inflammatories available and is a non-prescription medication. It has commonly been used to help relieve pain directly linked to neck stiffness and muscle strain in the spinal areas. Naproxen is another common anti-inflammatory that comes in the brand Aleve as a non-prescription medication, and in a much stronger version which will require a prescription. Very commonly used by individuals with spinal pain, however it is a form of a blood thinner so always be sure to discuss potential medication conflicts with your doctor.

Considering Narcotics and Opioids

When the more common spine pain management options won’t reduce your discomfort, your doctor may decide to put you on a much stronger version. These are extremely strong and can become habit forming if used incorrectly, so always read and follow your doctor’s advice when taking any narcotic or narcotic-like pain medicines. One of the more commonly prescribed medications in this case, which also comes with one of the lowest rates of addiction, would be tramadol. While this is a much stronger form of Advil, for example, it is still on the entry-level for narcotic pain medications. Stronger versions include Vicodin, Morphine and Oxycodone; however the incidence of addiction in these medications is extremely high when used incorrectly. However, for those suffering from advanced sciatica, severe lower back pain, or persistent neck pain this could be the only form of relief.

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