Imaging Tests: How They Help with Your Diagnosis and Treatment

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Imaging Centers

Medical imaging has improved accuracy levels in the diagnosis and treatment of a lot of health conditions and diseases. Before you undergo a radiology imaging test in Orlando, here are a few things to remember.

Do I need one?

It’s true that not all imaging tests are necessary. However, if you trust your doctor, then make an appointment for the test as soon as possible. It wouldn’t hurt to ask why you need to take it. Imaging procedures are often a non-invasive and painless way to get a look at your organs and systems to see what’s happening inside. It’s commonly used to guide medical personnel as they insert devices into your body like catheters or stents, the FDA explains. The procedure is also used to treat tumors or remove blockages or clots.

How it helps

If you’re suffering from unexplained symptoms, the results of your imaging test from an accredited Orlando-based facility will help your doctor determine what your condition is. It can also help monitor the progression of your disease—how aggressive it is—as well as the effectiveness of ongoing treatment. If the test results show that the disease isn’t responding to treatment or medication, your doctor can start looking for alternative means of treatment or therapy.

What are the risks?

X-ray imaging relies on the use of ionizing radiation to generate the images. That exposes your body to radiation which could potentially lead to DNA damage. Adverse reactions to the dye used to improve the images is also another possible risk.

How do you decide?

The best thing is to balance the possible benefits and risks of the procedure. If your condition is yet to be identified, then going through the test to figure out the kind of disease you have outweighs the minimal risks.

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