How To Get Free Suboxone and Zubsolv For Opioid and Opiate Addiction

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Health

If you are currently looking for medical treatment for yourself or a loved one for addiction treatment you may have come across this issue. The medications used to treat heroin and pain pill dependence are expensive. This is true of both the brand names and generics.

If you have health insurance, it should cover some or all of the cost of these medications. According to SAMHSA, the Federal Parity Act requires that your health insurance provide the same coverage for addiction treatment as they would for general medical and surgical care.

Yet, if you do not have health insurance, the cost of treatment medication can be unaffordable. Fortunately, there are some available options to obtain medication at no cost.

First, you should look into the possibility that free addiction treatment is offered in your area. There are pilot programs that provide complete addiction care to uninsured patients. This includes the cost of the doctor visit and Suboxone or Subutex. This may be the best way to get Subutex for free if you cannot tolerate the naloxone ingredient that is present in Suboxone and ZubSolv.

The next option to consider is a patient assistance program. Drug companies offer these programs for uninsured patients who cannot afford medication. There is a program for Suboxone and there is a program for ZubSolv. These are the two major brands of buprenorphine for MAT, medication assisted treatment of opioid dependence.

There is one important issue to keep in mind when searching for patient assistance programs. These programs are completely free. Beware offers that promise free medication for a small fee. There is no fee for the real patient assistance programs. If someone tells you that you must pay to apply, it is not true. Patient assistance programs for medication are always completely free.

The Suboxone program and ZubSolv program are similar but have some significant differences.

If you are interested in the Suboxone patient assistance program, keep in mind that each doctor may only have a total of three patients on the program. If you are looking for a doctor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you may want to ask if the doctor has space for a Suboxone program patient. Spaces do periodically open up when a currently enrolled patient does not return for their scheduled visit.

Another unique aspect of the Suboxone program is that you will be issued a card to pay for your medication. The card is used at the pharmacy to pay for the prescription. The pharmacy will be reimbursed for the cost of your medication. This program typically allows for one year of medication coverage.

The ZubSolv patient assistance program has a few differences. First, they only allow for one patient per doctor. Very importantly, if you find that your doctor has no spaces on either program, the ZubSolv program does allow for the doctor to request an additional space. The doctor may make this request to their local pharmaceutical rep. The doctor may not be aware that they can do this.

The ZubSolv program does not use a payment card. The company will ship your medication directly to your home each month. This program typically covers six months of medication. You may ask to reapply at the end of six months.

Another short term possibility for obtaining free medication is to use available vouchers for ZubSolv. Currently, the company offers vouchers that will pay for fifteen tablets of ZubSolv of any strength. A patient is allowed to use two of these vouchers in a lifetime. This can add up to an entire month of medication at no cost. The vouchers currently given to doctors have no expiration date on them. Of course, you will have to have a prescription from your doctor to use these vouchers at your pharmacy.

Another medication which may be a good idea to have around if you or a loved one is struggling with opiate or opioid addiction is Narcan. In some states, Narcan can be obtained without a prescription. There are many programs available to obtain this rescue drug for free. Narcan is available as a nasal spray and an auto injector. It is given to a person who is overdosing on heroin or other opioids. It will temporarily block the effects of the drugs and allow the person to wake up and breath normally. It is important in an overdose situation to call 911 for emergency rescue services immediately.

So, here we have presented several options to obtain free medication for the treatment of opiate and opioid addiction and dependence. Hopefully, this information will help you to get the help you need. Don’t give up in your search for free or low cost assistance. There are many programs out there to help you or your loved one to overcome addiction.

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