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How Can Melasma Laser Treatments for the Upper Lip in Wailea Help Reduce Dark Spots?

Melasma is a dark or tan colored skin discoloration that primarily affects women, although they can appear on any person at any age. This discoloration is the result of melanin overproduction. While melanin is necessary to give skin its color, too much of it can cause inconsistent skin tone. Melasma is most commonly found on the face, developing gradually over time from small spots into larger patches.

These dark patches are not typically associated with any serious medical conditions, but they can leave those suffering from them feeling self-conscious. Traditional treatments included the use of medications and regular use of high SPF sunscreen to avoid further damage. These treatments often worked only to prevent future damage and provided only temporary improvements in many cases. Thankfully today there are simple Melasma Laser Treatments for the Upper Lip in Wailea that can reduce the appearance of even severe or mixed-type melasma.

Laser skin treatments, although only recently adopted for use in treating melasma, already have a proven history of effectiveness. In fact, the same laser technology, sometimes known as PicoSure, is used in the removal of unwanted tattoos. It works by targeting unwanted skin pigmentation and using short laser bursts to shatter it into extremely small particles. These particles can then be eliminated naturally by the body’s immune system. This treatment is targeted and gentle and can be used without harming surrounding skin. In comparison to other treatments, there is very little downtime or discomfort associated with laser pigmentation removal, although several sessions may be necessary in some cases to see the required results.

It’s important to adopt a healthy skin care regimen after treatment to avoid further damage. This often includes increasing the use of sunscreen and hydroquinone or simply limiting the amount of time spent in the sun. Some dermatologists also recommend the use of skin dermabrasion therapies in conjunction with laser treatment. Although laser treatment can reduce the appearance of existing melasma, it will not prevent the formation of new discolorations. Click here for more information about melasma laser treatments for the upper lip in Wailea or to book an appointment online today.

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