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How a Philadelphia Home Health Aide Will Help You Care for Your Senior Parent

If you start to feel overwhelmed with caring for your senior parent, consider hiring a professional caregiver in Philadelphia, PA. This is an option that allows your parent to continue living in their own home, while also ensuring they are receiving consistent care. In addition to providing companionship and supervision for your parent, a home health aide can help you with your parent’s medical care needs in a few different ways.

Provide Specialized Care

If your parent suffers from a specific medical condition, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or type 2 diabetes, you can request a health aide with that specific type of experience. They will know how to manage seniors suffering from the specific condition, so you can trust that your parent is in good hands.

Assist With Medication and Therapy

A home health aide will make sure your parent is taking their medication on time and in the proper doses. If your parent needs to practice physical therapy at home, the aide will help your parent complete those exercises as well. The aide will also make sure your parent arrives for doctor’s appointments on time.

Help With General Care

As seniors get older, they may stop bathing, wear the same clothes, or forget to brush their teeth. A professional caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, will make sure your parent keeps up with their basic hygienic care needs as well. They will be sure your parent is clean and dressed in fresh clothes each day. They will also ensure your parent is eating healthy meals on a daily basis.

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