How to Make the Most of Well Child Checkups in St. Paul, MN

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Medical Clinic

Your child will require doctor visits at specific intervals to complete immunizations, check their development, and monitor their overall health. These well child checkups in St. Paul, MN, can be overwhelming for new parents. The following are some tips to make the most of these checkups with your child’s doctor.

Feed Your Child Prior

Nothing makes a child crankier than feeling hungry. For this reason, it’s best to give your child something to eat prior to their doctor’s appointment, unless otherwise instructed. Even a healthy snack can go a long way toward keeping your child happy throughout their visit.

Easy On, Easy Off Dressing

You will need to remove some of your child’s clothes for their well child checkups in St. Paul, MN. Instead of struggling with a lot of buttons, snaps, or other closures, consider choosing an outfit that is simple and fast to take off and put back on. The less time it takes to prepare your child for the doctor and to leave, the better your experience will be.

Bring Up Your Concerns

Many parents are hesitant to bring up their concerns because they think the doctor knows best and will figure out if something was wrong. However, if you want to give your child the best care possible, it’s best to bring up anything you’re questioning about your child. You know your child better than anyone and can help your doctor pinpoint if something isn’t right.

Take Notes

You will receive a lot of information at well child checkups in St. Paul, MN. It can be challenging to remember everything. Before you go, write down any questions you have, so you don’t forget. Once you’re there, write down anything you feel is important to help you remember it later.

If you need to make an appointment for well child checkups in St. Paul, MN, visit the Pediatric and Young Adult Medicine website to learn more.

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