Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening Options Available At A Dental Clinic

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Dental Health

In Oregon, teeth whitening treatments are beneficial for correcting unwanted stains. The procedures are completed in under an hour. Most dental patients require one treatment only to generate the preferred results. The following are frequently asked questions about teeth whitening options available at a Dental Clinic.

What Concentration of Professional Grade Peroxide is Safe?

There isn’t any documented proof that suggests that whitening treatments damage tooth enamel. However, the American Dental Association limits the concentration of peroxide that dentists can use. According to these requirements, the dentists cannot use any concentration beyond ten percent to whiten teeth safely.

Are There any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. This condition could generate discomfort if air or extreme temperatures touch the teeth. Select dentists provide desensitizing gels when they perform the service. For those who do not, patients can use toothpaste that treats this condition. It lasts a few days only.

How Long Can Patients Expect the Results to Remain?

Typically, the effects last up to six months. Patients will need to use an at-home treatment at least twice between their treatments. The dentist identifies their exact needs based on how severe their stains are.

How Does the Treatment Affect Dental Work?

The procedure will not whiten veneers, implants, or crowns. If the results are whiter than these devices, the patient needs to replace them to ensure that they match. Their dental professional reviews these installations to determine if any damage is possible.

Who Shouldn’t Receive the Treatment?

Any patients with known sensitivity to peroxide products should avoid the treatment. They are safe for pregnant women; however, if their gums are swollen or bleeding, they shouldn’t get the treatment. Any existing damage of the teeth must be repaired first. If not, the procedure produces high volumes of pain and discomfort. It can also damage the teeth more.

In Oregon, teeth whitening treatments correct discoloration due to smoking and consumption of certain beverages. They generate an aesthetically pleasing smile in a few easy steps. Patients who wish to receive these treatments from a Dental Clinic visit Website Domain today. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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