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Four Medical Spa Treatments Available in Los Angeles and Their Benefits

A medical spa in Los Angeles, CA helps people look their best with treatments that range from hair removal to body contouring. Most people know that they can get a high-end facial at a medical spa, but some facilities provide services that go beyond the basics.

Laser Hair Removal

This cutting-edge technology gets rid of unwanted facial and body hair. All genders utilize this system to take care of their legs, stomach, chest, back, and face. Sensitive areas can also be treated, such as the bikini line and underarms.


To retain a youthful appearance, fillers can be applied to lips and cheeks. Many people like this product because it can last for several months and even years in some individuals. The process is virtually pain-free, and it helps plump up tired skin and restore youthful elasticity.


Botox reduces the signs of aging and can help prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. On average, it takes about 10 to 14 days to see the full effects of the injections. After that, your revitalized appearance can last around 90 days. Because it is non-surgical, it’s a popular way to achieve noticeable results. The typical side effect is mild swelling.

Hair Stimulation

If you have thinning hair, an injection of your own plasma can help revitalize hair follicles. Individuals who have undergone a hair transplant may also benefit from this procedure. For more information on these and other treatments available at medical spas in Los Angeles, CA, visit Skin Code LA.

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