Find Out How a Hair Transplant Could Restore Your Hair in Dallas

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Medical Spa

If you love your hair and mourn its loss, you are not alone. Many men and women across the country deal with this problem every day. You may be affected by aging or changes in hormone levels. Your heredity may play a role in the loss of your hair. You may be taking medications that affect healthy hair growth. You can take action to change your situation. Hair transplant surgery in Dallas could help you. You need to make the first move by finding out what options are available right now.

You Have Many Alternatives for Hair Restoration
Hair transplant surgery in Dallas is a popular option for adults of all ages. You could have strips or individual healthy follicles removed from an area on your scalp where you have normal hair growth. These strips or follicles can then be transplanted to areas where you are experiencing hair loss. Over time, hair will begin to fill in where your follicles have been surgically transplanted. If surgery isn’t the best alternative for you, you have other options.

Learn More About Hair Replacement Options
If you would prefer to explore other options beside hair transplant surgery in Dallas, you may be a good candidate for PRP treatments, prescription medications, scalp treatments that can enhance growth, or scalp pigmentation. A consultation can help you to decide which direction you want to go. Find out what treatments are available at Yaker Hair Restoration and Med Spa .

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