Eyebrow Threading Performed By An Eyebrow Specialist In Philadelphia

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Health

In Pennsylvania, keeping eyebrows shaped properly is often a tedious and frustrating process. Most options for managing eyebrows are painful and take a long duration to complete. For this reason, women need more options from which to choose. An eyebrow specialist in Philadelphia offers eyebrow threading as an alternative to waxing.

What is Eyebrow Threading Exactly?

It is a less invasive way of trimming and shaping the eyebrows. It is based on techniques that were once used by ancient Indians. It doesn’t cause pain or discomfort for clients. It’s a simple solution for perfecting your eyebrows without tweezers or waxing. The process is ideal for everyone and isn’t as costly as laser hair removal. It doesn’t cause any skin damage or peeling.

How Do Salon Techs Perform Eyebrow Threading?

Essentially, a thread is knotted around the hairs to trap them strategically. The hair is pulled free after the knot is secured. All eyebrow hairs in the knots are removed from the roots to extend the results longer.

What Advantages Does the Process Provide?

The clients won’t experience any redness or swelling as they would with waxing. The process takes around ten minutes to complete. Bumps and irritation won’t occur after the treatment. The hair doesn’t grow back as fast as it would with shaving, waxing, or regular tweezing. It produces finer hairs when it grows back, and the hairs are less noticeable. It provides a more natural and precise method of removing unwanted eyebrow hairs. The process also removes the finest of hair.

Does the Process Lower the Signs of Aging?

While eyebrow threading won’t stop the signs of aging, it won’t contribute to wrinkles or fine lines. The process doesn’t pull the skin like waxing. The constant pulling and tugging associated with waxing often produce wrinkles as women age. Waxing is also known to dry out the skin.

In Pennsylvania, eyebrow maintenance is vital to keeping the eyes aesthetically pleasing. While the process isn’t ideal always, women feel their best when they achieve the best shapes. Women who want to schedule an appointment for eyebrow threading contact an Eyebrow Specialist in Philadelphia directly or get more information right now.

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