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Exploring a More Natural Approach to Cervical Dysplasia

Cervical dysplasia can go on to become a cancer in up to 50 percent of cases when it is left untreated. There are multiple options, including the watchful waiting approach which is sometimes recommended for mild cases. However, in addition to the traditional treatment options, patients might also explore LEEP procedure alternatives. These might help to enhance your well-being without the need for extensive procedures.

Before exploring the alternative treatment options, it is important to understand what this condition is. It is not cancer, but it is characterized by the surface of the cervix having abnormal cells. The appearance of the cells will indicate the severity of the condition. A Pap smear is typically performed to get a sample of the cells for further analysis.

Natural Suppositories

When dysplasia is low-grade, it is possible that a natural suppository could be beneficial. These generally consist of a combination of vitamins and herbs. Your individual health determines how long the course of treatment needs to be, but the average length ranges from two weeks to two months. To assess your progress, your doctor will perform a Pap smear. If there are still cervical abnormalities present, additional suppository treatment might be recommended. However, your doctor might also suggest another option, such as cervical escharotic treatment.

Cervical Escharotic Treatment

Compared to the LEEP procedure, this treatment is usually considered to have a slightly lower risk. This procedure involves essentially exfoliating and sclerosing the targeted tissue. This causes it to lose water, and without water, it does and sloughs off over time.

Bromelain is typically applied locally, and this is a type of natural enzyme found in pineapples. It works to break down the abnormal cell wall. It will remain in place for approximately 15 minutes. A herbal solution is then used to wash it away and stimulate healthy tissue growth. It will also soothe the tissues that might become irritated from the bromelain. A tincture of bloodroot and zinc chloride is applied to the cervix and left in place for 60 seconds. This is washed away with calendula to remove it and soothe the area. This is often followed up with antiviral herbs in the form of a suppository that is inserted into the vagina and left overnight.

With these LEEP procedure alternatives, it expands how you choose to tackle your health woes and gives you greater freedom of choice. Just make sure to talk to a doctor who is trained and experienced in alternative procedures to ensure the best outcome.

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