Experiencing Food and Ankle Problems in Kenosha, WI? The Right Diagnosis is Important!

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Health

Your feet and ankles support your entire body. When you feel pain in these areas, it can cause your entire day to be miserable. When you have chronic pain, every day can be less joyful because of the pain that you have. The problem is unless someone feels that they’ve broken a bone, they often don’t get the care that they need. However, Foot And Ankle Problems in Kenosha WI shouldn’t be ignored. If you are having chronic pain, then getting a diagnosis and treatment is important for the future of your foot and ankle health.

While your doctor might be a good place for you to start if you’re having pain in your feet or ankles, a podiatrist is going to be your best source for proper treatment. If your pain is chronic, your doctor should refer you to a podiatrist. If they don’t, then ask them to. Most doctors don’t specialize in these areas of the body. Having someone evaluate your feet and ankles that specialize in this field will ensure that you get a proper diagnosis.

The reason a proper diagnosis is necessary for your foot and Ankle Problems in Kenosha WI is that this is the only way to get the right treatment. If your doctor diagnoses you with heel spurs, and you actually are suffering from a neuroma, then your treatment can actually cause the problem to worsen. This could lead to permanent nerve damage in your heels and your ankles. A podiatrist is going to be able to tell the difference between these two conditions after an examination. A general practitioner may not have the experience or knowledge to do so.

If you need a surgical solution for your feet or ankles, then a podiatrist that is also a surgeon will do the job. This combination of specialties ensures that the surgery is done correctly. This is one area of the body where a wrong move could actually prevent you from walking comfortably, or from walking at all, for the rest of your life.

Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers is a great option for anyone that is suffering from foot or ankle pain. These experts will evaluate your feet and ankles and determine what treatments will be best for your condition. In most cases, surgery is a last option, and the right exercises, massages, and proper taping can help eliminate many of the problems you’re experiencing.

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