Doctors Who Perform Neuromas Treatment In Bolingbrook, IL

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Health

Many people suffer from conditions that affect the feet. Neuromas and plantar warts are two of the most common. A neuroma starts with a trauma involving the foot. As a result, a nerve in the foot swells. In fact, neuromas often appear on the ball of the foot. That is because there is a small nerve behind the bones in this area. The foot’s movement often results in this nerve getting pinched. Burning and tingling are common symptoms. One may need to seek Neuromas Treatment in Bolingbrook IL. Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates handles most foot ailments.

In order to diagnose a neuroma, the doctor needs the patient’s medical history. Next, x-rays are done to rule out stress fractures. And, the doctor examines the patient. Amazingly, doctors are able to feel the neuroma with their hands. Neuromas Treatment in Bolingbrook IL includes cortisone injections and,

* orthotics
* destroying the nerve
* surgery

The first path of treatment is always cortisone injections. Cortisone reduces swelling and patients get instant relief. Unfortunately, cortisone works for a while but the pain will come back. Orthotics are used to control the bones and relieve pressure on the nerve. The combination of orthotics and cortisone gives patients long-term relief. However, permanent nerve damage happens sometimes. As a result, patients have two options for Neuromas Treatment in Bolingbrook IL. The doctor can destroy the nerve or perform surgery.

Plantar Warts are another common foot problem. These warts are caused by direct contact with the virus, verruca vulgaris. This often happens when people travel and use different tubs and showers. The wart shows on the skin as a dark spot. Further, the growing part of the wart goes into the foot. Consequently, the wart grows and feels like a pebble. It can be very painful and nearly impossible to walk. Various treatments include putting acid on the wart and trying to freeze it. If these treatments fail, the doctor may use a laser to cut out the wart. Click here for more details.

This surgery leaves a hole in the foot and it takes a few weeks to heal. The surgery has a high success rate and the wart rarely grows back. The only risks associated with the surgery are possible infection and scarring. If you have a painful foot condition, seek help today. For more information visit Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Bolingbrook IL

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