Different Types of Transman Surgery to Be Aware Of

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Transgender Surgeons

The journey to becoming a man can be a winding road. However, most transmen don’t regret completing the transition procedure. A significant part of having a successful journey is understanding everything there is to know about transman surgery. Here are some types of surgery to be aware of.


A mastectomy is when breast tissue is removed to create a masculine chest. While a mastectomy can be performed in several ways depending on your anatomy and desires, it’s typically considered a safe and effective surgery for transmen.

Body Masculinization Surgery

Anyone wanting a more masculine appearance overall should consider opting for body masculinization surgery. This process can include removing areas of fat via liposuction to remove the traditional hourglass shape women commonly have and promote a more masculine body profile.

Facial Masculinization Surgery

One of the essential transman surgery procedures is facial masculinization surgery. Facial features are some of the first features people notice, so having a more masculine appearance is necessary when transitioning. Work with your surgeon to create the desired appearance, and they can devise a plan to make it a reality.

Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender confirmation surgery is always the final step in becoming a man. It includes undergoing a vaginoplasty, a hysterectomy, and forming a penis and a scrotum. This procedure is a major surgery requiring a skilled surgeon’s expertise.

The International Center for Transgender Care is here to answer any questions about becoming a man. Visit their website to learn more.

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