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Call a Hearing Aid Center in Lawrence, Kansas If Your Hearing Problem Is Worse

When you have a hearing loss, it can prove to be mild or severe. Your hearing loss can worsen over time due to the aging process. That is why many elderly adults seek hearing assistance. Doing so gives them a whole new lease on life as they can socialize more easily and get involved in various activities.

Don’t Put Off Booking an Appointment

You should make an appointment at a hearing aid center in Lawrence, Kansas if your hearing loss worsens or you have certain symptoms. While it is best to have your hearing checked at least annually, you should see a hearing doctor for sure if you experience certain symptoms.

You can click here for further details about setting an appointment. If your hearing loss has progressed to the point of frustration, conversations may sound fuzzy or muffled. The sounds may also fade. In addition, in severe cases of hearing loss, you may experience a fullness or pressure in one or both of your ears or experience tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears.

Do You Have Accompanying Symptoms?

You need to make an appointment at a hearing aid center immediately if your hearing loss is accompanied by problems with vertigo, dizziness, or ear pain. All these symptoms can be quite aggravating as they affect you personally and professionally. Once you see an ear doctor, he or she can check the degree of your loss of hearing. This will help him or her recommend a hearing aid.

Hearing aid center providers state that normal hearing variance runs in the range of 0 to 20 decibels. Practitioners in the field state that people whose hearing is normal can hear faint sounds such as breathing.

Mild hearing losses range from 21 to 40 decibels while moderate hearing losses span from 41 to 55 decibels. The numbers, as you might surmise, go up from there with a profound hearing loss over 90 decibels. While you will have problems conversing, you will be able to hear sounds such as airplane noises or backfires.

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