Some Like it Hot, Some Not: Get to Know Super vs. Subtle Cannabis Strains

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Medical And Health

Discover the enormous selection of cannabis strains available at your local Massachusetts marijuana dispensary location. There are more than 700 known pure strains and endless varieties of hybrids, each with its own flavor, aroma and potency. Here’s a quick primer on how to select the best product based on your tolerance, desires and specific needs.

Pure vs. Hybrid: How to Make Sense of the Strains

Pure cannabis strains typically fall into two categories: indica and sativa. The former tends to produce sedating effects, whereas the latter has a rep for being invigorating. All strains possess active constituents called cannabinoids, THC and CBD being the most potent. THC is intoxicating, and CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also conveys many of the same health benefits as THC, except it doesn’t intoxicate you.

Surprisingly, THC-dominant strains and CBD-dominant strains fall into both the indica and sativa categories. By contrast, hybrids are consistently higher in THC, mostly because they’re “designer” strains. Hybrids, in the horticultural sense, are crosses between pure indica and sativa strains, with hybrids often taking a name from each parent.

For Optimal Results, Go With Cannabinoid Profile

If you’re seeking medical marijuana to alleviate nausea and pain, a THC-dominant strain might be to your liking. For more general relief of fatigue without intoxication, a CBD-dominant indica or sativa strain might do the trick. Hybrids, as stated above, are generally higher in THC, but some are both CBD- and THC-dominant, appealing to those who want the desired effects from both cannabinoid types.

The last thing to consider is the form in which you wish to administer cannabis. You can smoke it, eat it or apply it topically. Advanced consumers say that edibles tend to produce more lasting effects, whereas tinctures and vapes convey immediate effects that subside in a timely manner. Sampling is unquestionably the best way to find pure strains, hybrids and consumption methods that agree with you.

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