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Benefits of Consulting a Back Doctor

One of the most common causes of pain, discomfort and disability in the country is back pain. Sometimes, it just keeps returning whenever we move around. It prevents some people from working, and our daily normal tasks and activities are affected.

That’s not how life has to be though. A back-doctor Jacksonville FL at Injury Care Centers can help you minimize that back pain and return to a full and active life as soon as physically possible. We treat patients of all ages, including children who suffer from back pain. On hand at Injury Care Centers is an integrated team of spine experts who will professionally treat and care for your back-pain issues with a wide variety of state-of-the-art modalities.

Our approach to back pain is collaborative and conservative. We consider your body and mind along with your physical abilities. Our objective is for you to reach maximum improvement, optimal back health and overall wellness. By combining advanced training with years of clinical experience, we’re in a position to quickly pinpoint the cause of your back pain and confidently formulate a treatment plan that best addresses your individual needs. Where you feel your pain and discomfort might not even be the location of the cause of your problem.

We’re going to listen to you carefully and map out an effective treatment plan. We want you to understand everything about the cause of your back pain and keep you consciously and actively involved in your own care. You’ll even be helping yourself in preventing a future back injury.

Our back-doctor Jacksonville FL treats disc conditions, sports and motor vehicle accident back injuries, chronic back pain and work-related back injuries. Contact us at 904-783-0008 or use our contact form for a back-pain evaluation appointment. Become an active participant in your own treatment plan. Learn more by visiting

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