Adding A Virtual Medical Scribe To Your Practice

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Health

The use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has dramatically increased the amount of documentation required by physicians across the country. Entering data into the EHR is both time-consuming and an ineffective way for a physician to spend his or her time.

The solution to this problem is a new type of provider in the medical health field. A medical scribe is a specialized professional with training and experience in working with physicians, patients, and Electronic Health Records.

The Basic Training for Medical Scribes

Entering documentation into the patient EHRs is a critical part of comprehensive medical care. Medical scribes are typically trained and experienced registered nurses that understand the necessary data to capture to complete EHR records.

Traditionally, the medical scribe works alongside the doctor. He or she is in the room and documents in the record all the relevant information provided by the patient. In addition, the medical scribe records and documents information provided to the patient by the physician.

Today, thanks to technology, physicians can opt to use a virtual medical scribe. These professionals offer the same services as the in-person medical scribe, but they attend the meeting virtually, recording all relevant data and information. This is not done after the appointment but in real-time, providing an immediate entry into the EHRs.

The Benefits of a Virtual Medical Scribe

Utilizing a virtual medical scribe service eliminates the need to have another person in the examination room. While the patient is aware and informed the medical scribe is watching and listening, patients tend to feel more comfortable without the addition of another person in the room.

The doctor is able to focus completely on patient care. She or he is not required to manage notes or enter data, eliminating the need to try to multitask and record information. The result is a more relaxed session for the physician, with the patient recognizing the doctor is completely attuned to the conversation.

The use of a virtual service reduces costs and boosts efficiency for the entire practice. It is a very practical option that offers a wealth of benefits for patients and medical professionals in any type of setting.

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