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3 Reasons to Opt for a VFR Hair Replacement Procedure

For both men and women, hair loss can be extremely problematic as it hinders you from looking your absolute best. Here at Vantis Institute we help you take control of your hair loss problems through our unique procedure for hair replacement. Orange County is home to many hair transplant clinics, but through our Vantis Follicular Replication (VFR) procedure, we have set ourselves apart from the rest.

If you are looking to get a Hair Transplant in Orange County, without the trouble of undergoing invasive surgical procedures, our VFR treatment is for you. Here are 3 reasons to opt for a VFR hair replacement procedure.

  1. Non-Surgical

Vantis Institute can boast that VFR is the best hair replacement procedure in Orange County, mainly because it is an entirely non-surgical procedure. Unlike most procedures for hair restoration in Orange County, VFR is a non-invasive way of replicating your natural follicle growth.

  1. High Quality Results

There are many various procedures for hair replacement. Orange County is home to many of them. However, not many can flaunt the kind of high quality results that Vantis institute does. Our VFR treatment has been used by celebrities, sports stars, and executives, who left us with the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair.

  1. Zero Downtime

Unlike with so many other hair replacement procedures in Orange County, you can go to work the very same day as your VFR treatment. It is extremely safe, with very mild pain levels. More importantly it never leaves any scarring.


If you are asking yourself: where can I get a hair transplant in Orange County, look no further. At Vantis Institute, we pride ourselves on providing the most affordable, organic, and non-surgical hair replacement Orange County has seen.

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