Your Options in Facelift Procedures Explained

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Surgery

There are many things that can determine your skin condition throughout your lifetime. Hereditary plays a huge factor, and lighter skinned individuals tend to have more delicate skin that is more prone to early aging signs and various skin problems. How much sun a person allows their faces to be exposed to, the air and weather elements exposed that facial skin encounters and of course the person’s age, race and health all combine to create conditions favorable for being at risk for some type of skin issue. Many individuals are considering undergoing a facelift in Lakeview. Plastic surgeons offer various modifications of facelift procedures.

A facelift is a surgery that will require a significant healing time that will ultimately depend on the extent of the specific facelift procedure that is completed. Any reputable plastic surgeon will carefully assess and listen to what each patient expects the surgery to do. Some people simply have unrealistic expectations for this sort of facial surgery, and they can be very disappointed as a result. When considering whether or not to get a facelift, Lakeview residents can schedule a revealing consultation appointment with their intended plastic surgeon. All concerns, expectations and before/aftercare instructions will be thoroughly discussed at that time. The surgeon will then outline the best plan of care.

Individuals that develop some lower facial skin sagging with or without neck skin wrinkles might be good candidates for the less invasive mini-facelift instead. Other procedures like eye and/or brow lifts may also be done at the same time. A full facelift will have fine scars hidden in areas hard to see, and the after discharge instructions must be followed precisely to avoid rare complications. Prospective patients desiring a facelift can visit Adam J. Cohen MD.

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