When to See a Child Allergy Specialist in Starkville MS

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Is your child allergic to something or is it just a cold? This is a question that parents often ask themselves. Seeing a Child Allergy Specialist in Starkville MS is the best way to determine that answer.

What is a cold and what is allergic rhinitis?

A cold, also known as acute nasopharyngitis, is an illness that usually occurs with drastic changes in temperature. It mainly affects people whose immune systems are weak or underdeveloped, such as children. In most cases, symptoms disappear after a week.

Allergic rhinitis is a recurrent disease that occurs in people with favorable allergic issues. Also called “hay fever,” it occurs every year at the same time, during the increase of pollen.

Symptoms common to colds and allergic rhinitis

Differentiating these two inflammations is not so obvious without the help of a Child Allergy Specialist in Starkville MS. This is because they both present similar elements like:

• A clear or colorless nasal discharge

• Tingling in the nose

• Eye irritation (itchy, watery eyes)

In the early days of the illness, colds and rhinitis are very similar. It is therefore advisable to look at the symptoms related to each pathology.

The symptoms that make the difference between a cold and allergic rhinitis

If rhinitis is mainly felt in the spring, a cold is more likely to occur in the fall and winter. Nevertheless, allergic rhinitis can be triggered at any time of the year because of household allergens such as dust, mites, animal hair or mold. In terms of symptoms, nasal discharge, sneezing and an itchy throat are evident.

A cold presents distinctive signs:

• Nasal secretions that change color and consistency after two days

• Itching in the throat (a traditional sore throat)

• A hoarse cough

• Watery eyes, redness

• Fever

Can a child have allergic rhinitis at the same time they have a cold?

Unfortunately, yes. Parents must take care of the child in these times so the cold does not worsen. It would be a pity if a simple cold turned into a more serious illness. Help his or her body defeat the virus with rest and a consultation with their pediatrician or allergist, especially if the cold does not pass after 7 to 10 days.

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