Ways to Prevent the Symptoms Caused by Seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem, PA

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Allergies

As spring approaches, many people are starting to experience the familiar feeling of seasonal allergies. There are many people who suffer from seasonal allergies and finding a way to reduce the symptoms that accompany this condition is usually a top priority. While the best cure for seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA, is usually a prescription from a doctor, there are a variety of things that a person can do to reduce the severity of their allergies. Taking the time to figure out where changes can be made is essential when trying to reduce these symptoms. Here are some of the things that an allergy sufferer needs to think about when trying to reduce a runny nose and coughing that usually comes in the spring and summer of the year.

Leave Shoes At the Door
The first thing that a person will need to consider when trying to reduce the amount of pollen in their home is to take their shoes off before entering the residence. As a person travels around during their day, they will pick up a lot of dirt and pollen. Wearing the shoes into a home will allow for pollen to enter the fibers of the carpet that a residence has and their air duct system. This will only serve to make the allergy symptoms that a person feels worse.

Check and Change the Filters in a Home’s HVAC System
When trying to reduce the level of allergens in a home, it is wise to check and change the filters in the HVAC system. The longer that the same filter stays in the system, the more allergens and dust it will have built up on it. This means that all of these things will be blown through the ductwork of a home. Rather than dealing with the allergy symptoms that this amount of dust and pollen can produce, a homeowner can change the filter on a regular basis.

Taking steps to reduce the symptoms caused by seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA will make a person feel much better. When in need of professional help with allergies, be sure to visit the team at.

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