The Benefits Of Companion Care Services

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Assisted Living

There are many unique considerations associated with aging, including health care and estate management, most people plan in advance to address these as needed. One of the most important human needs, the need for socialization, is often overlooked. As individuals age, their family units generally shrink; children start their own families or move for jobs, spouses die, friends are lost. The absence of the people that are most important doesn’t remove the need for human interaction, however. Companion care services can provide all of the benefits – psychological, emotional, physical, and functional – that elderly individuals previously gained from those people closest to them. These services are specifically designed for older individuals who live alone and would benefit from extra socialization and older individuals that may need some minor help but wish to continue to live primarily independently.

Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Companion Care Services

Loneliness and stress take a toll on everyone but will be especially draining to an older person without a companion. Having a professional provided by companion care services can secure the many benefits from having someone to keep a person company. Being able to visit with another person keeps the mind active, which preserves cognitive abilities, language skills, and has been linked to slowing or preventing dementia in the elderly. Companion care services can also prevent or relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety in older individuals, while facilitating the individual’s involvement with the outside world. Having a companion allows older individuals to tackle tasks related to planning and travelling to social outings and provides the individual with a listening ear, which is important as many older individuals express a desire to reminisce or pass on lifetime wisdom to others.

Physical and Functional Benefits of Companion Care Services

Individuals with companion care services are able to remain independent longer than individuals living alone or with only an elderly spouse. In addition, senior citizens are generally provided with a level of safety and security that only a companion care service can provide. Having a companion can ensure that older individuals are rescued in the event of a fall, eat healthy meals regularly, and take their prescribed medications on a schedule. In addition to providing some level of physical safety for the individual, a companion can also provide the senior citizen’s family or medical team with valuable information as needed. Companions often function as walking partners and paperwork assistance to older people, helping individuals with poor eyesight fill out forms as needed and safely navigate neighborhood traffic.

Though older individuals can tackle nearly any change in life associated with aging independently, the one thing they certainly can’t do alone is connect with another person. Companion care services offers the opportunity for the elderly to remain connected to and as functional as possible within society. Companion care services offer psychological, emotional, physical, and functional benefits that are not only important, but essential for a rich quality of life.

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