Seeking Treatment For Hearing Loss

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Hearing Aids

If it’s hard to hear people talking or difficult to hear some of the sounds around you that you should be able to decipher, then you might want to have your hearing examined. The test to determine if you need hearing aids is usually completed in a short time, and you’ll know when you leave whether you could benefit from a hearing aid in one ear or if you might need two. There’s nothing to lose by at least going to a hearing aid center Lawrence Kansas offers.

When you arrive at the center, someone will get the details of your medical history. This is a time when you need to let the office know if there is anyone in your family who wears hearing aids or if you’ve been tested in the past and have failed hearing tests. Someone at the hearing aid center Lawrence Kansas location will talk to you about the changes that have prompted you to make an appointment, such as not being able to hear when someone is talking right beside you.

Tools will be used to examine the ear canal to determine if there are any issues with a buildup of wax or if there are any issues with your eardrums. If there are any signs of an infection, then an antibiotic can be prescribed. After you’ve taken the medication, then another exam can be conducted to determine if the issue is still present. A threshold test is performed to determine the degree of your hearing loss and will aid in selecting the type of hearing aids that would be best for you to wear if they are needed. Tests are performed under quiet and noisy scenarios in the office as a way to determine if you can hear in certain situations or if there are only issues when you’re in a noisy environment. Visit the website for more information.

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