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Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Charleston West Virginia as an Integral Aspect of Recovery

Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Charleston West Virginia is an integral aspect of recovery after many types of surgeries, injuries and health incidents. For example, it is beneficial after an athletic injury, a compression vertebral fracture, a stroke and shoulder surgery. It helps patients manage chronic back pain. A person who develops arm tendonitis that causes disabling hand pain also recovers more swiftly with the use of physical therapy.

About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy often focuses on exercising specific body parts to speed recovery. When a patient is unable to freely move a limb or appendage because of pain or stiffness, a therapist or therapist assistant gently moves the body part for the patient during sessions. The movement taking place during this manual therapy gradually increases flexibility and range of motion.

A person is usually instructed to work on the exercise program at home, doing a specific number of repetitions for each activity. However, this doesn’t mean that Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Charleston West Virginia can successfully be accomplished without a professional therapist. The therapist designs programs customized for each patient to address that person’s particular needs. The plan is adjusted as the individual improves. Repetitions may be increased or decreased, and activities may be dropped or added.

Staying Motivated

The therapists also can be essential for keeping patients motivated. Depending on the physical problem, recovery can be very frustrating, with numerous setbacks. The therapist points out the progress that has been made and explains the importance of continuing with certain exercises that seem too challenging. With this continued guidance, the patient can visualize being able to regain function, no matter how difficult this seems at the moment.

Special Considerations

Even patients who will not be able to fully recover will generally experience remarkable results after sessions with an organization such as Improve Physical Therapy and Hand Center. Individuals with chronic disabling disorders can maintain their optimal functioning longer when they participate in this therapy. Patients with multiple sclerosis, for instance, learn how to maintain their coordination and balance, thus being able to avoid dangerous falls. Information on this organization can be viewed at You can follow them on Instagram.

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