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Most Common Hearing Aid Repairs in Wilmington, NC

Hearing aids are essential technology that uses tiny, intricate parts to improve hearing. However, since they’re so small and fragile, your hearing aids can suffer wear and tear or break over time. To get the most from your hearing aids in Wilmington, NC, they must operate at optimum levels.

It’s vital to recognize the signs that your hearing aids may need repair and take them to your local audiologist to fix or replace them. Here are some common hearing aid repairs and services you may need.

A Simple Clean

The most common reason why hearing aids stop working is earwax buildup. This buildup can block the microphone, making the volume seem quieter. Most hearing aids in Wilmington, NC, have replaceable wax filters to prevent the wax from clogging the piece. You can replace the filter to make a significant difference. However, you should use a soft toothbrush to clean your hearing aid daily to prevent issues.

Fixing the Microphone

Fixing a microphone is a complex repair you cannot do yourself. Your microphone may have become dislodged if you experience distortions or whistling noises. Hearing aid repair experts can fix this problem quickly. Another sign of a faulty microphone is fluctuations in volume or the inability to adjust the volume to a suitable level.

If you’re experiencing issues with your hearing aids in Wilmington, NC, visit the Hearing Aid Studio to schedule an appointment to repair them.

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