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by | Jun 14, 2016 | Chiropractic

People experiencing back or joint pain and who prefer drug-free treatments whenever possible often turn to chiropractic care. Once not fully accepted by the medical community, chiropractic has earned its place beside traditional medicine through proven success. With a primary focus on the spine and nervous system, chiropractic is largely concerned with proper alignment of bones and joints and seeks to relieve those mal-aligned areas which impinge on nerve bundles, causing pain.

Ancillary benefits experienced from chiropractic care include increased energy, a healthier immune system and a more balanced overall state of health. This occurs because a properly adjusted body is more able to heal itself than one which is constantly addressing pain, tension, stress or other harmful states. While chiropractic care is not recommended for viral or bacterial infections or for the treatment of diseases, studies have shown that a healthy, well-adjusted body can more easily fight off infection.

An initial visit to a Chiropractor in St Louis usually does not include spinal manipulation or adjustment. First visits are information gathering in nature, and will likely feature questions relative to lifestyle, diet, exercise, previous or ongoing medical treatment, medical history and the type, level and location of pain experienced. The usual vital statistics will be collected, and possibly a series of x-rays taken. A new patient should expect the first appointment to last up to an hour.

Treatment typically begins with the second visit. The doctor will review the x-rays, medical history and symptoms, and perform an initial adjustment designed to deliver relief to the areas of pain. He or she will be able to tell from this initial treatment whether follow-up visits will be necessary, and to make an estimate of how many and how often they should occur. After treatment is is best to relax for a few minutes before departing the clinic.

For those looking for a Chiropractor in St Louis, the available choices include the Back and Neck Center in Florrisant MO. Their team of chiropractors tailors health care plans to meet the specific needs of each patient. Visit them at Website Domain to find office hours, telephone number, type of specialization and to make an appointment.

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