How Family Therapy Helps

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Health Care

Family therapy is based on the concept that all members of a family form a social system that has developed a unique structure and manner of communication. There are many things that enter into the formation of this system; the values and beliefs of the adults, the personalities of everyone involved in the social system and the influence that other extended family members have. When these unique variables are all taken into account it is easy to see how every family is unique with its own aspirations and problems. Family therapy in Minneapolis is based on:

   *   A mental illness that affects one member of the family unit may be indicative of a larger family problem

   *   Any change in one family member by default changes and impacts the individual family members as well as the family structure

Family therapy in Minneapolis that employs the family system model takes into full account everyone in the family. They see that a problem that affects one family member as an indication of conflict or stress within the entire family unit. Family therapists:

   *   Show the members of the social group how typical families function and how theirs functions.
   *   Helps in identifying conflict areas and find ways to resolve the conflict
   *   Help to strengthen all family members in an effort to get them to work as a family unit when facing problems.

Why family therapy is important:

It is a fact that the more harmony within a family the lower the stress level is for the family member faced with a problem. Family therapy has been proven to help families with many different areas of conflict including behavioral problems at school, the inability of youngsters to get along with each other and problems between parents and their children.

Family therapy in Minneapolis is extremely useful when a family is in conflict and may be helpful in overcoming numerous problems including alcohol and drug abuse.

Family therapy in Minneapolis helps family members develop and use problem solving skills. You are invited to discuss your unique family issues with a therapist at Options Family & Bhaviior Services.

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