How a Sports Medicine Physician in Lafayette Helps Overcome Chronic Pain

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Physical Therapy

A sports medicine physician uses his or her specialized training to treat and prevent illness and injury. These skilled medical providers typically provide in-depth care for athletes as well as active individuals who strive to maintain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Sports medicine physicians rely on non-surgical intervention. These professionals work closely with patients who have sustained an injury. They have a great deal of knowledge in providing joint pain relief as well as the prevention of injury in active people.

What is commonly called “Sports Medicine” is not in itself a medical specialty. Most sports medicine physicians have been certified in family medicine or internal medicine. They go on to receive additional training. Other professionals who are not MD’s often work closely with a sports medicine doctor to provide specific care. Physical therapists, such as those at Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC help individuals rehabilitate from injury and chronic pain. Certified athletic trainers also are involved. This group provides rehab exercise routines to help their patients regain lost strength and mobility and help them work on conditioning exercise to prevent a recurrence.

Professionals who provide sports medicine and physical therapy in Lafayette provide comprehensive care not only to athletes but to the non-athlete as well. These professionals are an ideal source of information for people who wish to become active or begin a routine of disciplined exercise activity. Although a sports medicine physician sees athletes who suffer injury, they are just as liable to treat typical “weekend warriors” who experience an injury. The PT employs the same expertise to this group of people as he or she uses when dealing with a competitive athlete. The objective is the same; get the patient back to peak form and full function as soon as is possible.

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