How a Hearing Aid Provider in Norwich, CT Can Improve Your Quality of Life

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is common among older adults, causes difficulty hearing or understanding conversations, and is often a source of embarrassment. Being aware of the signs of hearing loss will help determine whether a visit to a Hearing Aid Provider in Norwich CT is something you should consider. The following are signs of potential hearing loss.

* Tinnitus. Also known as ringing in the ears, isn’t a definite indicator of hearing loss as it happens to everyone at some point. When it becomes constant or occurs almost daily, it’s time to have your hearing evaluated.

* Trouble Understanding Conversations. If you have to strain to hear others in normal conversational settings, become easily frustrated due to difficulty deciphering what is being said, or find you frequently ask people to repeat themselves, you might consider having your hearing tested.

You can learn more about us, types of hearing loss, and how a specialist can assess your hearing loss and provide suggestions to address the loss. The following briefly describes various hearing aid devices.

* Behind the Ear. BTE hearing devices are powerful and less likely to experience damage from moisture or wax buildup. The device fits behind the ear with a tube connected to the ear insert.

* In the Ear. ITE devices are custom fitted, rest inside the ear, and offer variable volume control.
In the Canal. Smaller than the BTE or ITE models, these occupy about half the space and can prove difficult for some people to handle and come with fewer controls.

* Completely in the Canal. CIC hearing devices fit deep in the ear canal and are the smallest units on the market. Because of the way they fit inside the ear, they are susceptible to damage from moisture or ear wax. Their tiny size also makes them more difficult to handle, and they lack manual volume controls.

* Receiver in the Canal. RIC hearing devices have a speaker that sits in the ear canal while the microphone is behind the ear inside a case connected by a thin wire to the earpiece.

Your Hearing Aid Provider in Norwich CT will help you decide which type of hearing aid device best suits your needs and type of hearing loss. Hearing aids do not repair hearing loss but do improve one’s ability to hear and communicate which, in turn, improves one’s quality of life.

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