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Guide to Elder Care Services in Jacksonville, FL

Choosing Elder Care Services in Jacksonville FL is a difficult decision for most families. The senior in need of care can be resistant to the need because they fear to lose their privacy and independence. They may also feel guilty or like a burden to their loved ones. Families can struggle emotionally with seeing their loved one age and being unable to care for themselves. Hiring a skilled and caring elder care service provider can provide peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones. They can gain comfort that a senior may be able to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Types of Services

Generally speaking, elder care services fall into two broad categories. Companion care is services when a senior needs help with daily living activities such as running errands, personal grooming, or light housekeeping. Companion care workers may provide reminders to seniors to take their medications, but they are not allowed to administer any medicines themselves. Skilled nursing care will include care provided by RNs or LPNs and can consist of wound care, administering IV therapies, managing chronic health conditions, or even post-surgical home visits. The level of care required will depend on the senior’s situation. An evaluation will be completed before beginning any services to gain an understanding of what level of care would be required.

Hiring a Care Provider

When looking for an elder care service provider, ask people you know living in the same area as the senior if they have any provider they recommend. Check with Medicare or any long-term care insurance plan the senior may have to see if services are covered and, if so, there may be a list of approved providers. Once there is a list of several providers, learn more about their reputation and the services they provide.

Ask the agencies to provide a list of references, and contact those clients to learn about their experiences. Ask the agency about how long they have been serving the community and how they train their employees. Discuss how the care plan is developed and how changes can be implemented when needed. Family First Homecare Jacksonville offers a host of geriatric services to clients. Browse the website for more information about Elder Care Services in Jacksonville FL.

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