Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Loss And A Hearing Specialist In Lancaster PA

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Health Care

Loss of hearing can negatively impact a person’s daily life and when individuals are having trouble with their hearing they should immediately schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist in Lancaster, PA. By reading the frequently asked questions below, individuals can learn about hearing loss and the various treatment options that are available.

What are some of the signs that indicate that an individual is suffering from hearing loss?

Individuals who are losing their hearing will have to turn up the volume on the television or the radio to hear what’s being said. Some individuals also find it hard to hear a conversation when there’s background noise in the room. It’s also common for people who are experiencing hearing loss to hear a buzzing or ringing sound in their ears.

How is hearing loss detected and what are some of the treatment options?

A specialist will perform various hearing tests to detect the hearing loss of an individual. These tests may include examining the inside of the ear to look for signs of inflammation or an obstruction. A tuning fork test can help a specialist determine if the hearing loss is due to damage to the middle or inner ear. Another type of test is performed using an audiometer. The patient wears a set of earphones and listens for various sounds coming from the earphones.

What are some common treatment options for people who are losing their hearing?

After an examination and testing, the specialist can determine which treatment option is best for the patient. Hearing aids are usually recommended for individuals who have hearing loss. There are various types of hearing aids and some are made to fit inside the ear canal while others only fit partially inside the ear canal. Some individuals opt for larger hearing aids that fit inside the rounded portion of the ear, while other people choose hearing aids that fit behind the ear. If hearing aids aren’t effective, a hearing specialist in Lancaster, PA may recommend a type of surgical procedure to reverse the hearing loss.

Individuals who are having hearing problems should make an appointment with Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster. These specialists work with each individual to provide the best treatment available for each person’s special situation.

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