An Agency Providing Elder Care in Tampa FL Provides Extra Social Support

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Health Care

Of the senior citizens who do not reside in nursing homes, a full one-third of them live alone, according to data from the Institute on Aging. Many of these men and women benefit from visits from an agency providing Elder Care in Tampa FL. These visits can focus on companionship only, or include tasks like light housekeeping and assisting with bathing and grooming.

Problem Situations

Some elderly individuals don’t have any family still living, while others only have family members living a good distance away. Their closest friends may have passed away or be too disabled to visit. They might only see their adult children on weekends, leaving them spending most of their time alone. A fair number of senior citizens never married and did not have children. Some seniors without children were married but later divorced or were widowed. They may have been only children or do not have any living siblings, or none close by.

Extra Social Support

An agency providing Elder Care in Tampa FL gives the person some extra social support, whether the worker comes over just a few days a week or every day. If the client is mobile enough, the companion might bring this person to a senior citizen center where a variety of interesting activities are offered. The companion could also bring this client to visit a disabled friend, to a worship service or to a lecture at a campus.

Transportation to Appointments

Transportation also can be provided by a worker with an organization such as Family First Homecare Tampa for medical and dental appointments, and other personally scheduled events. Without this type of assistance, the elderly person may have a very difficult time receiving necessary treatments and preventive care. Trying to schedule transportation by using a taxi service can feel inconsistent unless the same dependable driver is always available.

A relatively large percentage of seniors live solo and continue to maintain an independent lifestyle with a little help. Home care companions can make a big difference in the amount of social and emotional support these men and women receive. Browse the website to learn about one particular agency.

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