4 Reasons Why Veterinarians In Nesbit Ferry Are Important For A Dog’s Health

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Animal Hospitals

One of the first things that a person should do after adopting a dog is to look into Veterinarians in Nesbit Ferry. Most people have a primary care physician to see for their annual checkup and when they are sick. Dogs need veterinarians the same way that humans need doctors. There are several reasons why dog owners should find a regular vet for their animals.

Annual Checkups

It is important that owners take their dogs to see the vet every year. During this visit, the vet would check the dog’s weight, their coat, their skin, and to observe the overall health of the dog. If the dog needs to gain weight or lose weight, the vet would give the owner a diet plan. Also, if the owner has any questions about their dog’s diet, behavior, or health, they can get the answers that they need during the annual visit.

Annual Vaccines

Like humans, dogs need to have vaccines to remain healthy. It is important that owners find a vet as soon as they adopt their dog so that they can begin getting the necessary vaccines. There are plenty of vaccines for dogs, and the most common ones are rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

Flea and Tick Medications

During the spring and summer months, fleas can wreak havoc on dogs. When a dog is getting bitten by fleas, it can make the dog very itchy and uncomfortable. Another issue that many dogs deal with during the spring and summer are ticks. Ticks carry a disease called Lyme disease, which can make the dog very sick. A veterinarian can prescribe drops or pills that can keep fleas and ticks away from the dog.

Emergency Situations

If a dog suddenly starts showing signs of illness or if it is injured, the owner is going to want to have a regular veterinarian who can see the dog and potentially save its life.

To ensure the dog’s health and overall well being, owners should find a good vet as soon as they adopt the dog. They can do this by asking friends and family members where they take their pet or through a simple internet search. The sooner the owner has a regular vet, the better off their dog will be. For more information, visit Ahnfc.com.

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