Your Child Needs to See a Pediatrician Often During the Early Years

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Health Care

Children are a gift, but they also are a lifetime of work and expense. One of the main jobs of a parent is to keep their children as healthy as possible. To do that, you need to make regular visits to pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC. But how often does your child need to see a doctor? Here are some tips on what a normal pediatric schedule should look like.

For Babies

When your child is a baby, the doctor’s visits will be a regular occurrence. Of course, any time your baby is ill, you should see a doctor, especially if he or she has a fever that is above recommended levels. Otherwise, though, even healthy babies need to see the doctor often. The typical recommendation is that babies should see a pediatrician every two months for the first six months and then every three months for the next six months. Once your child turns one, you can dial back to every six months over the next year.

For Toddlers

Once your child hits age 2, then you can stretch the doctor visits even more. At this point, you can go with yearly checkups, unless your doctor recommends you come in more often. Of course, this general rule applies to children who are healthy. Those with issues may need to see a doctor more often.

Older Children

When your children reach age 5, you may be able to reduce visits even more. Some doctors will want to continue seeing your child yearly, while others may be OK will seeing your child every other year. This is something you should work out with your doctor.

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