Women Are Addicted To Threading

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Beauty Care

Throughout history, men and women have enhanced their eyebrows. In fact, different eyebrow shapes are associated with different eras. Eye makeup was common for both sexes in ancient Egypt. The fashion was to line the eyes with kohl and shave or tweeze eyebrows. Sometimes, dangerous lead-based minerals were used to darken the brows. Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks used soot to darken brows. Further, many Greek and Roman women wore unibrows. Interestingly, historians say some wore eyebrow wigs made out of goat’s hair.

During medieval times, women preferred a pale, hairless face. Eyebrows and hairlines were plucked to get the look. Queen Elizabeth I used a toxic lead mineral to make sure her complexion was pale. Others tried to use various concoctions to prevent hair growth. It was not long before bold brows were back in vogue. Indeed, many European women wore brow wigs made of mouse fur. Various techniques have been used to achieve the various looks. Plucking is one method, but it is not too precise. Further, many women find it painful to do for themselves. Threading is an ancient art that started in the Middle East. Thread is held in the mouth and attached to the hair. When the thread is pulled, hair comes out from the follicles. In addition, threading gets rid of a whole row of hair at one time.

The hair comes out from the follicle and it takes a long time to grow back. That is one reason threading is so popular today. Shops are popping up all over with technicians trained in the ancient technique. There is a big debate as to whether waxing or threading is more painful. Technicians roll hot wax on the eyebrow where they want to eliminate hair. Next, a piece of tape is placed on the wax. When the strips are pulled off, the hair is gone. Threading and waxing can be used for other areas as well. Today, women prefer a bold eyebrow with a distinctive arch. Many of them use eyebrow kits to deepen the color of the brows. If you want to try threading, visit Renew MediSpa of Southern New Hampshire LLC. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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