Why Your Senior Parent Needs a Home Health Aide in Philadelphia

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Home Health Care Service

Before you confine your senior parent to a nursing home, it can be helpful to consult a home health aide agency in Philadelphia. An aide can provide most of the same services that your parent would receive in an assisted living facility while allowing them to remain in their own home. In particular, here are a few of the reasons this is the better alternative in many cases.

Save on Care Costs
A home care aide can come into your parents home for just a few hours each day to provide a variety of care services. This will cost your family far less than paying for a residency in a nursing home. Since aides are trained and experienced in elder care, your parent will receive the same services they would receive in a care facility.

Get Personalized Care
In an assisted living facility, your senior parent will be one of many, and an overworked staff may do only as much as is required of them. A home care aide will only have to care for your parent’s needs. This means your senior loved one will receive personalized care, and that can make a big difference in helping them maintain better cognitive and emotional health.

Provide Companionship
The help you get from a home health aide agency in Philadelphia will provide your senior parent with companionship for several hours a day. Combined with the ability to remain in their own home, this companionship provides your parent with the social support necessary for stronger cognitive health. In this way, a home care aide’s support can help protect against depression, anxiety, and dementia.

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