Why See an Allergy Doctor in Louisville, KY?

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Health Care

Allergies affect more and more people and are becoming increasingly common. For a food allergy, drug allergy, etc., many treatments are available, it is important to find one that suits you. An allergy is an abnormal response of an organism to a foreign substance, otherwise known as an allergen. In most subjects, this substance does not cause trouble but, in an allergic person, it can be responsible for various more or less serious phenomena. Seeing an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY, could be life-saving.

Awareness is the first necessary step of fighting an allergy. When an allergy develops, it is essential to know that there is contact between the allergen and the body. This is called sensitization. Then, each new meeting of the allergen and the body will occur as a consequence of an allergic manifestation. In humans, the immune system plays the role of “guardian” and defends the body against external attacks. It is able to recognize the antigens or markers of foreign substances to the body. In response to the attack, the immune system produces antibodies and white blood cells that get in touch with these antigens and destroy the microorganisms that carry them. See how an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY, can help you.

Close to 20% of the population is allergic to at least one substance. The risk of becoming allergic is based on family history, and considering:

     *     A risk of 12.5 to 15% if neither parent is allergic

     *     A risk of 25-40% if one parent is allergic

     *     A risk of 50 to 65% if the two parents are allergic

     *     A risk of 75% if 2 adults + a member of the immediate family is allergic

With an allergy, the immune system responds abnormally and is exaggerated by a harmless substance foreign to the body. This antigen is usually well-tolerated by most of the population. However, with persons that have allergies, the immune system will produce antibodies and white blood cells to counteract this antigen it mistakenly considers dangerous. A substance completely harmless for some may well cause an allergic reaction in a sensitized person. An allergy is an inadequate reaction that is excessive and pathologic to a person’s immune system. Contact Dr. C. Steven Smith to learn more.

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